Today, many people want to learn meditation. The fact that this is so makes my being leap with joy.

This page explains what meditation is and why I consider learning how to meditate the most important skill you can learn in life.


Meditation in the first place is making a connection with who you REALLY are.

What do I mean by that?

What I mean is that many people today live a life of compromise by following established societal rules for living in the 21st century.

Many of these rules (which I personally consider as hypnosis) include predictable societal behaviour patterns, safe work choices and a life that is lived according to safe thinking- and emotional patterns. With few exceptions, all of these thinking- and emotional patterns are given to you by the society you are living in.

The way society does this is by hypnotically repeating society’s patterns over and over and over again. That process starts when you are a baby and continues while you grow up and soak it all in. The process hardly ever stops and continues until you die. That is the idea, anyway.

In other words, you have learned what is right to say and not right to say, what is ok to do and what is not ok to do. If you fall out of line, you get punished.

Therefore, sub-consciously you are pretty much always looking for some way to be accepted by your society, friends or family. Often you look for a role model. If you are by yourself for too long, you notice it does not feel good to be left out and soon integrate yourself again in some way or another into society.

You also learn that having money makes things easier and you think putting money into your account for the future will keep you safe.

So, basically, you do like others do and might encourage other people to do the same.

A bit deeper down you might actually be noticing that you are making compromises all the time in your life, but because almost everybody else does that too, you think its ok and that you get away with it.

If you have kids, you might behave according to societies rules because of the kids. You put them into schools so they can learn what you have learned. You might read books where people tell you how to behave and what to think. You watch TV and movies, which almost all provide you with lots of role models to choose from. As almost everybody does that, you feel ok being like that. It’s safe, after all. You might feel a bit flat at times and again you think that is normal, too.

Who you REALLY are is none of those things. Who you really are is a being of light, of incredible love, incredible intelligence, energy and power.

And the way to get in touch with these energies is through MEDITATION, which eventually leads to RIGHT ACTION.

Regular meditation will give you insights into the fact that you have other choices in life than the ones you are used to. It will open possibilities.

And once you start acting along those possibilities, your life will change.


How much and how fast your life will change when you start meditating depends on many factors. These factors include what society you grew up in, the people that were around you and the economic state of your family.

When you start meditating, you eventually start to unravel all of these patterns you are used to.


It is very important to understand that meditation always happens in the NOW. Therefore, meditation techniques that are based in the past won’t necessarily get you there. They only work when they get you to be here and now.

So, the first step is to “wake up” to the “here and now”.

The next thing that you also need to learn is this:

You need to know deep down that you CAN change, if you really want to.

That is lesson one!


When you choose to start meditating, you are taking a step inward first. This means you start observing yourself (later you learn to be both inward and outward, but that usually takes some time)

So, first, you observe your body and what is happening in there.

Among other things you will find that there are body sensations….ie…the movement of breath, your heartbeat and areas of tightness. You also discover that some other areas you might not feel at all.

Then after some time of practicing this, you start observing a bit further and include what you feel and also what you think.

This is actually easier said than done, and it will take time to learn, but the good thing is that it is possible to learn this with continued practice.

Now, when you go inside, you will most likely notice that there is A LOT GOING ON INSIDE OF YOU… a lot of emotions, a lot of thinking, a lot of past and future. In those moments it is good to have some techniques that help you not to get overloaded. I teach those techniques in my course.

I have to highlight here that learning how to OBSERVE your physical body, your emotions and your thinking mind is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL.

In other words you have to be fully awake.

That is the FIRST STEP, always.


Once you have made up your mind and start to meditate, what often happens is the “falling asleep” effect.

It is quite funny to watch as many people sort of go to sleep when attempting to meditate. It happens to me, too, at times so I know how it feels.

This because the body and mind are used to falling asleep when you have your eyes closed and start to relax.

In the beginning, falling asleep while meditating is ok. After a while however, you notice yourself that you start staying awake more and more often.

This means that your body/mind gathers experience with being still and not moving. That is a great step as it confirms that what you are doing is working.

Once you have learned to stay awake when meditating, you can then start examining the different layers inside of you that make up your personality.

What you find is that there are many layers. To start with, there is your outside personality that you project into the world and then there is the inner personality that is more hidden (your inner personality is the one that often talks to you in your head)

As you continue, you become aware of many aspects of the “physical body you”, the ”mental/thinking you” and the “emotional you”.

You might experience that your thoughts are “all over the place” and you have no idea where they come from.This is especially strong in the beginning when starting to meditate.

You might also observe that you have a good number of emotions inside of you which sometimes shift very quickly.

Again, all of that is fine.

It is fine because mental/thinking really does go all over the place in the beginning and your emotions tend to be all over the place as well. We generally call that state our personality.

After some time and practice with meditation, you start to get the sense that you do have a bit more control over what you think and feel. You start to be able to focus your “energies of observation” and stick to what you are observing.

Around that time you also start getting the experience that there are other qualities, other energies present inside of you. You start realizing that intuition actually “speaks to you” and that you get sudden insights that come straight from the spirit of life.

You start knowing that what you observe inside of you is not just thought or emotion because intuition and spirit have a very different quality/vibration compared to thought and emotion. They feel more real.

These types of experience might come to you fairly quickly or it might take some time. It depends on who you are and what is going on inside of you. We are all different. But in general, it pays to be patient and very alert.

Now, every time you do this – every time you meditate – you get a bit closer to who you really are. You are on a journey of discovery what this life is really all about.

To me, you are an individual expression of that energy/spirit that is creating this whole “life on earth” experience as well as everything else. The experience of that energy is incredibly vast.

So, keep practicing. Keep doing it, keep meditating and practice staying awake and aware.


There are many small details in this practice that I will cover in my courses, such as clothing, the space you are in, or how to practice not to be carried away by what you see in your mind while meditating.

There are, however, three more aspects of meditation I would like to mention here.

The first is LOVE. To me the fact that love is possible to experience in our lifetime, is proof that existence is good.

To me, learning how to love is why I am here.

In fact, love is the most incredible energy that we can learn while being here. It is the source.


You also start to learn the art of LISTENING at some point. This is because you often get very important messages from deep inside of you.

As it is, many of the messages we get from life are very much covered over by stuff we learned in school, work life, TV, movies, the internet, etc.

Learning to listen to the messages that come from very deep within you is an incredible skill.

Some of these messages that come from deep within have the potential to change your life completely.


Alongside meditation you are also generally guided to take right action in your life.

This is because in meditation, as you go deeper inside yourself and you meet truer and truer aspects of who you really are, you might start realizing that you actually need to change your life to accommodate those insights.

Again, this is quite normal and it is a sign that your meditation is working.


In summary, when staring to meditate, you are stepping into LIFE and when this is rightly done, you are guided by your own inner wisdom (which is vast as the universe and has no age)

Eventually you will come to a state that is known as LOVE.

By the time that happens to you, it is highly likely that you have changed many or at least some aspects of your life and you are living a life dedicated to love as your main reality.



What I have outlined on this page is the basic pattern of meditation that I use in my courses.

My aim and my dedication in my whole working life is to wake up the inner vast intelligence and love as much as I possibly can.

Thank you





    In this course we learn the basics of meditation and create a meditation method for you that you can use into your daily life.

    This course gives you all the skills on how to observe yourself while being in meditation. You will learn a structure that teaches you how to start meditating and then goes on to teach you how you can best watch and observe your body, your feelings and your thoughts.

    However, the very essence of meditation is to be receptive to the energies that are present in the now moment. Therefore it is possible that the main outline of the course can change so we can with go with the flow of the moment.

    The duration of the course is 1 hour per day, every evening Monday to Friday starting March 6 until March 31.

    Meditation practice is every evening for about 30-35 minutes of guided meditation.

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